Paradise Landscaping & Maintenance Ltd are a team of landscape gardeners committed to designing and creating functional gardens that are an extension of our customers homes. We have been transforming gardens for over 25 years. Our success is built on taking the time to understand customer requirements and tailoring a unique garden design and build to suit.


Let Paradise Landscaping & Maintenance Ltd help you with all your landscaping needs. Contact our team to create your dream garden at prices to suit all budgets. Looking for a dedicated team? Whatever services that your lawn needs, Paradise Landscaping & Maintenance Ltd is here! Does your lawn have patchy grass, over-grown hedges and empty flower-beds? Looking for a Garden Landscape Design specializing in rock gardens etc.?


Or maybe you just need a reliable routine service on a monthly basis. We thrive on the skills of our highly trained landscape gardeners working together to make all your dreams come true.



Mowing, Trimming, Fertilization, Plugs & Seeding, Weed Control, Insect Control and more…


Cutting, Pruning, Fertilization, Shaping, Transplanting and more...


Garden Landscape Design, Rock Gardens, Wood Patios


Trucking of any size and affordable rates.


Whether you require construction, landscaping or cleaning services, we have the expertise to get it done right and to exceed your expectations.


Office Address

16A Blue Hole Hill,
Hamilton Parish CR 04, 2nd Floor
Office Hours: 9.00am - 3.00pm Mon - Fri

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Rui Medeiros Owner/Manager - 335-3407
Manuel Medeiros Owner/Supervisor - 335-5302
Victoria Medeiros Office Manager - 293-7750